Responsive web page redesign for an online marketplace connecting financial advisors to high-intent investors


Karen W., VP of Advisor Marketing
Kyrsten G., UX Researcher


October 2022 (2 Weeks)


UX/UI Design
Art Direction



The Overview

SmartAdvisor, an arm of SmartAsset, assists financial advisors in converting prospects into clients using multi-channel, content-driven marketing. 

This case study covers my process for redesigning the SmartAdvisor about page to increase advisor signups and engage prospective advisors


The Need

How might we build trust with prospective advisors who are skeptical about signing up?


A Sneak Peek

A one-stop shop for financial advisors looking to gain more clients and valuable insights on how they can improve their advisory business. Here's a preview of the core changes made to the SmartAdvisor about page. Scroll down more a more in-depth look at the process.


Streamline Signups

By placing the signup form on the same page, rather than opening it in a new tab, users are encouraged to complete the form while SmartAdvisor is top-of-mind, reducing friction in the process.


Highlighting Impact & Credibility

Through user testimonials from existing financial advisors on our platform and relevant investor engagement stats, we're able to validate our claims and build confidence in our services.


Free and Accessible Resources

New “Resources” and Advisor Newsletter sections are added to provide value to prospective advisors at no cost. This showcases our expertise while creating opportunities to engage with our platform in a low stakes way.

Now, let's talk process!


Defining Project Goals

To kickoff this project, I first met with Karen W., the VP of Advisor Marketing to get a better understanding on the current state of SmartAdvisor and what her blue skies vision was for the program. Through this conversation, I was able to pinpoint both short and long-term goals that would guide me through my design process.

Short Term Goals


Increase # of advisor signups


Create free ways for advisors to engage with SmartAdvisor

Long Term Goals


Create a hub where current and prospective advisors can improve their advisory business and grow their professional network. 


Understanding Financial Advisors

Empathizing with the User

Since it was difficult to interview existing financial advisors on our platform on such short notice, I did the next best thing: immerse myself in all related to financial advisors. I pored over articles, studied our previous UX research, and had conversations with SmartAdvisor account managers to really get a sense of what advisors need and struggle with in their advisory practices. Here are the main challenges advisors face:

Consistentally generating new leads
Lead generation is a vital part of scaling an advisory business, however it can be time and cost consuming to determine what strategies are getting the best return on investment. 
Nurturing leads over time
Nurturing leads can be a complex and lengthy process due to the personal nature of long-term financial decision-making and the critical role building trust plays in the advisor-client relationship. 
Meeting client expectations
Meeting diverse client expectations and needs can be demanding, especially when clients have varying risk tolerances, investment goals, and timelines.

Auditing Previous Designs

Following my user research, I conducted a UX audit of the current SmartAdvisor about page. The goal of the audit was the identify areas of improvement through the lens of how effective this page was at attracting new advisors to the program. Here are three areas of improvement I will focus on for the redesign:


Reduce signup friction by placing the signup form on the same page


Utilize more visuals to balance content. This helps to reduce information overload and increasing user engagement.


Increase social proof to build trust with advisors and aid in the service evaluation process.

Screenshots of notes from my UX audit of the original SmartAdvisor about page


Re-Imagining the SmartAdvisor About Page

After conducting user research and identifying the areas of improvement, I began to ideate and wireframe what the new about page would look like. I experimented with the layout and organization of the content as well as the design treatment of the different UI elements. It was important to breathe life into this page while still maintaining the professional and credible tone from the original page.


Final Deliverable

Desktop View


Mobile View


Next Steps

Given our time and resource constraints, our team opted for a live release A/B test to measure the success of the redesign. With lower-than-expected page traffic, we were unable to obtain conclusive results on the performance of the redesigned page and additional sections.  If I had more time, I would conduct usability tests with a small sample of financial advisors to validate how effective the redesign and new sections are and iterate accordingly. 


Key Learnings

This was the first webpage I was able to overhaul and redesign completely during my time at SmartAsset. Through this project, I was able to challenge and stretch myself and my visual design skills. I am eternally grateful for the trust my team placed in me to execute my vision of what an improved page could look like.

If I had more time, I would conduct user interviews and usability tests with financial advisors on and off the SmartAdvisor program. Since they are the target demographic, their feedback is crucial for validating my hypotheses and ensuring that this page becomes the  one-stop shop it aims to be. 

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